At Buchalter we believe that, together, we are one.

In 1933, Irwin Buchalter and Jerry Nemer founded a firm where smart, competent and ambitious lawyers regardless of gender, race, culture, sexual orientation, or religious beliefs, could have a legal career with the support and tools necessary to build a successful practice. These gentlemen were also committed to the belief that all clients were entitled to welcoming and competent legal representation.  Continuing its commitment to diversity, equality and inclusion, Buchalter hired its first female associate in 1974 when many women found it difficult to find jobs in the legal field at a level higher than paralegal.  Many of these women ascended to leadership positions at Buchalter, and some remain at the highest ranks in our firm.

At Buchalter, we believe that hiring employees and lawyers from diverse backgrounds does not, in and of itself, satisfy our moral imperative to encourage and ensure that, regardless of whom they are or what they believe, each individual in the firm manifests his or her best talents and abilities to make the most of their careers and lives. The firm provides a platform for each individual lawyer to pursue success and all are evaluated based upon individual merits.

Each and every Buchalter client has a right to the highest level of competent legal representation possible. We recognize that the diversity of our lawyers increases our depth of understanding of a diverse client base. The professionals at Buchalter take pride in themselves and the firm for providing the highest quality legal services to a diverse array of clients.

The firm’s Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Committee (“Committee”) is composed of lawyers from both minority and non-minority groups, young and old, male and female. The overall goal of the Committee is to ensure that Buchalter’s culture is one of inclusion – at every level and in every aspect of the Firm – and equality in compensation and opportunities.  Each member brings exceptional insights about their respective communities providing a deeper understanding of those communities.  When the Committee identifies and determines where improvement is warranted, we propose an action plan to our Board of Directors to implement hiring or other support policies and procedures.  The Committee believes that we can always do better.

The Committee has implemented several programs to provide opportunities to become enlightened about the diverse communities that make up our firm and give us all an opportunity to celebrate. The firm regularly hosts cultural recognition events for all lawyers and employees throughout the year that give everyone an opportunity to share, learn, and celebrate the traditions of various cultures and religions.