At Buchalter, diversity and multiculturalism are integral parts of our Firm’s culture, and the Firm prides itself on its support for increasing racial, cultural and gender representation. This commitment to equal opportunity is proudly reflected in the Firm’s staff, attorneys and management.

Buchalter is proud of its large percentage of female Shareholders, and all Shareholders make an active effort to train and mentor female Associates to advance within the Firm. Shareholders also take the time necessary to mentor minority Associates towards the ultimate goal of Shareholder status and Firm leadership.

In furtherance of the Firm’s diversity goals, Buchalter has established a Diversity Committee to better address the changing needs of our clients and our community. The Diversity Committee coordinates the Firm’s efforts to achieve its equal opportunity and diversity objectives, and provides guidance to the Firm in its diversity hiring and retention goals.

Buchalter values and supports the goals of diversity and equality in the legal profession and in the practice of law. The Firm actively encourages and works to enable all of its attorneys to advance and to achieve leadership positions in the Firm and in the profession, and provides the necessary training, tools and support for them to do so.