We are seeking a Collections Paralegal to support our Los Angeles Office.  The ideal candidate will have 10+ years of experience and an ABA-approved paralegal certificate.  We are seeking someone who is a self-starter, proactive, detail-oriented, self-sufficient, and sharp, with excellent communication skills.

Experience we are looking for:

Writs of attachment: must be a self-starter, self-sufficient and be able to prepare not only the application but also all the declarations and points and authority.  Sometimes extra points and authority on a unique issue that has arisen are needed, so needs to understand that and ask the lawyer to expand the declaration.  Also, must understand and be able to deal with the Advanced Transformer Case, what to look for to prove a person is actively involved in the business, and look at tax returns to help prove that or other documents.

Writs of possession: know how to prepare from start to finish without help from the attorney and spotting issues regarding the collateral, declarations, points and authority, etc.

Understand how to read a payment history, compute interest, understand charge off amount versus contract amount versus amounts due, past due, etc.

Receiverships: application, P&A’s, all important declarations, etc. (Prejudgment and Post Judgment Receiverships).


Orders to show cause issued by the court: self-sufficient, must be able to prepare a declaration to file with the court in response to OSC, gather facts to support the declaration, talk with clients about what is needed, etc.

Bankruptcy: obtain, review, analyze and summarize schedules, file proofs of claim, help with efforts to block discharge working with bankruptcy attorneys who also depend on this paralegal


  • Know how to do a 585 declaration with history, etc.
  • Know how to seek an Application for Judgment Debtor Exam
  • Know how to do the subpoena for Judgment Debtor Exam unique to this defendant – read, file, be creative, understand the case and issues
  • Know how to file Motions for Assignment Order, Turnover Order, Charging Order with declarations and points and authority without help
  • Know about writs of execution and levies, garnishments – how to apply.
  • Know how to file a Motion for Sale of Dwelling and all the procedures that must be followed
  • Properly filing Judgment Liens with the Secretary of State, etc.

Buchalter APC offers a competitive salary, 401K, medical, vision, dental coverage, etc.

Interested candidates should submit a resume using the link below.

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