In No Hurry

ADR Profile of Stuart T. Waldrip, Judicate West

April 24, 2020

“…Intellectual property and commercial real estate attorney Gabriel G. Green of Buchalter APC in Los Angeles recently used Waldrip’s mediation services in a high-priced breach of contract dispute.

Waldrip was able to corral emotions and bring the polarized parties closer together, Green said. Even though the case did not settle by the end of the allotted session or during an after-hours session, Waldrip was able to facilitate a resolution through phone calls and emails in the following days.

‘Certain clients may feel very emotionally invested in their case and he is good at letting them vent and share their thoughts and opinions, and also after that allow the parties to focus on getting to the brass tacks and what the issues are with the case,’ Green said. “Obviously we thought we were right and the other side wasn’t going to budge from their position. We did not reach a settlement at the mediation even after going all day and even into after hours. But Judge Waldrip, to his credit, kept the parties there to try to find a settlement’.”

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