LOS ANGELES, Calif., February 22, 2018 – On February 8, 2018, ComAv, LLC and ComAv Technical Services, LLC (“ComAv”) achieved an important victory when the Superior Court of California, County of San Bernardino granted their motion for summary judgment effectively ending an unlawful detainer case, or attempted eviction, pending for almost 20 months.  ComAv is the largest and longest-term tenant and employer at the Southern California Logistics Airport (formerly known as the George Air Force Base).  ComAv has been located at the Airport for almost 20 years, employs almost 300 residents from the Victor Valley area and provides services to some of the world’s largest and most successful aircraft manufacturers, carriers and owners.  Despite ComAv’s history and contributions to the local economy, Plaintiff Southern California Logistics Airport Authority, which is led by the City of Victorville’s Council (“SCLAA”), entered into a lease for Hangar 681 (which is one of a variety of facilities ComAv leases at the Airport for its operations) with a third-party in July 2016, ignoring ComAv’s lawful tenancy of the hangar.  Vigorously arguing the illegality and impropriety of SCLAA’s actions, Buchalter’s attorneys, led by Joseph M. Welch, Barbara Lichman, and Jason E. Goldstein, convinced the Court that ComAv’s existing lease gave it the right to continued occupation of the hangar, basing their argument partially upon dispositive admissions from SCLAA’s/Victorville’s City Council leadership and senior staff – revealing the City’s/SCLAA’s lack of confidence in their position and keen awareness of their own failure to observe critical requirements of the law.  In the end, the Superior Court agreed with ComAv and found that, among other determinations, SCLAA was scrambling to “find anything that may support a case that [SCLAA’s] own board member admitted should have never been filed and represents a waste of taxpayer funds.”

Other Buchalter attorneys who contributed to this victory for ComAv include Robert M. Dato, Paul J. Fraidenburgh, Mirco J. Haag, and Nathan Walter.


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