LOS ANGELES, Calif., May 17, 2018 – Buchalter’s client, ComAv Technical Services, LLC (“ComAv”), an aeronautical maintenance company, was threatened with eviction in a hangar lease dispute by Southern California Logistics Airport, formerly known as the George Air Force Base.  Following extensive discovery and almost two years in an unlawful detainer action, the Superior Court granted Buchalter’s summary judgment motion, in its entirety. The Superior Court then liquidated Buchalter’s fees and costs in the action at almost $1.4 million (the entire amount of fees requested).

ComAv is the largest and longest-term tenant and employer at the Southern California Logistics Airport. Located at the airport for nearly 20 years, ComAv employs almost 300 residents from the Victor Valley area, and provides services to some of the world’s largest and most successful aircraft manufacturers, carriers, and owners. The parties recently entered into a settlement agreement to resolve conflicts and solidify ComAv’s business relationship with the airport over the next 15 years.  ComAv’s CEO, Craig Garrick, explained:  “Buchalter developed a comprehensive legal strategy that resulted in tremendous success and much-anticipated settlement options.  Joseph Welch is one of the most effective and talented attorneys I have ever worked with.”

The state and federal cases were led by Buchalter Shareholders Joseph M. Welch, Barbara Lichman, and Jason E. Goldstein. Additional Buchalter attorneys who contributed to the successful outcome include Robert M. Dato, Paul J. Fraidenburgh, Mirco J. Haag, Nathan Walter, and Hema Sresty.


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