Join Buchalter attorneys Robert Cooper and Jessica Hawk for a webinar on California Employer Considerations and Best Practices for Returning to the Physical Workplace in the Wake of COVID-19.  In this webinar, our speakers address local and state reopening orders and guidance, including industry-specific guidance; health and safety considerations in returning to the workplace, including infection prevention and control measures; Frequently Asked Questions regarding COVID-19 symptoms, screenings, and testing in the workplace; workers’ compensation issues; workplace litigation mitigation considerations regarding wrongful termination, discrimination, retaliation, and reasonable accommodation issues; and additional considerations for employers navigating a new normal.

This webinar is intended to be for informational purposes only, and does not constitute legal advice.  Please be aware that the federal, state, and local governmental guidance and orders related to COVID-19 are regularly amended and updated, and information regarding COVID-19 is rapidly evolving, therefore, certain information herein may no longer be accurate or applicable after the recording date.

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