Richard Ormond is a guest Speaker on The Real Estate Crowdfunding Show: Cannabis Real Estate In the U.S.

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What You’re Going to Learn

  • The Top Reason Why Cannabis Real Estate is a Smart Investment
  • How to Assess the Risks of Cannabis Real Estate So You Can Reap the Rewards
  • What the Top Opportunities for Investors in Cannabis Real Estate Are
  • Some Advice for Investors on How to Screen Your Cannabis Business Owner Prospects
  • Understanding the Tax Code Laws that Apply to Cannabis Business Owners
  • Suggested Lending Amount, Rates, and How to Leverage Your Cannabis Business Investment
  • The Top Types of Property Investments to Look for In the Cannabis Industry
  • How to Recognize and Overcome Potential Problem Areas in Cannabis Real Estate Investing
  • Some Resources to Help Identify Potential Cannabis Real Estate Opportunities
  • How to Set up A Cannabis Real Estate Project
  • The Top Considerations and Most Common Questions About Cannabis Real Estate
  • And much more!