Adam Bass, President and Chief Executive Officer of Buchalter, will serve as a panelist and member of the advisory committee for Sandpiper Partner’s Midsized Firms: Opportunities & Challenges Briefing taking place on Thursday, December 5th at The City Club, 555 S. Flower Street. Sandpiper Partners, the largest organizer of “business of law” conferences has developed this new seminar to focus exclusively on the key topics midsized firms need to focus on today. Presentation topics include, innovation in the delivery of legal services in the office and with clients; state-of-the-market; competition; strategy; pricing models; profitability; mergers and acquisitions; data; laterals; retaining talent; service delivery; technology and innovation. Concrete examples of how savvy firms are revising their business models to be more agile, focusing on specialized practices, and marketing their services more effectively will also be offered. For more information and to register, click here.