Damaris Medina spoke on the Practice Management Track at the Urgent Care Association of America’s (UCAOA) Spring Convention on “Smart Strategies for Employee Termination.”

This session covered types of problem employees (and strategies for dealing with each type), how to use progressive discipline, what the potential pitfalls of terminations are, and useful strategies for employee terminations.  All attendees were provided with a checklist of “what to do before terminating an employee.”

At the conclusion of this session, attendees understood:

  1. The types of problem employees and strategies for dealing with each type;
  2. The risks associated with problem employees and employee terminations;
  3. How to avoid litigation risks with effective recruitment, screening, and training;
  4. How to deal with problem employees using progressive discipline;
  5. The most common lawsuits that employees file; and
  6. Effective strategies for reducing risk when making termination decisions.