A Webinar and Roundtable Workshop for every Employer in California

On November 30, CalOSHA issued emergency COVID-19 regulations applicable to virtually every workplace in California. These new requirements pose particularly thorny issues for employers, including:

  • Providing notice to every employee and contractor potentially exposed in the workplace.
  • Informing employees what options and benefits may be available to them.
  • Providing testing for every employee potentially exposed to COVID-19 in the workplace.
  • When employees must be excluded from the workplace and when they may be allowed to return.

These regulations overlay, and in some cases conflict with, the requirements of AB 685 which take effect January 1.

Buchalter invites its clients and friends to participate in an interactive webinar at which these new workplace requirements will be presented and discussed. Participants will be asked to share their experiences with COVID-19 in the workplace and their concerns with how employers are going to implement these new regulations.

The discussion will be led by Peter McGaw and John Epperson of Buchalter’s Environmental practice and Ronnie Arias of its Labor and Employment practice. Buchalter looks forward to facilitating the sharing of information and “best practices” to help California’s businesses keep going in these difficult times.