How to Get the Biggest Bang from your Benefits Budget

Courting ERISA in the Electronic Age- Putting a square peg in a virtual hole

Tonie Bitseff, JD LLM, Buchalter, will discuss the opportunities and the challenges in providing ERISA disclosures using electronic media.

The All Powerful Documents- Learning from common mistakes to build better documents

Mary Jane Eadson JD, Principal, Eadson Compliance Center will outline ERISA’s disclosure requirements, providing an inventory of “must have” documents and practical tips to ensure those documents are accessible and effective.

Customized Communication- Tailoring training and outreach to make your message meaningful.

Doug Lutkus, principle at White Hat LLC, will discuss the process of creating clear, concise and compliant communications to help employees make informed benefit decisions.

An Integrated Platform for Employee and Partner Communications – Bring order and process to your critical communications.

John Derrick, CEO at Skywriter Systems, Inc. will demonstrate a turn-key system for personalized document delivery and disclosure schedules that customize employee benefit disclosures and communication so that they are targeted, timely, and tangible.