This 90 minute webinar will discuss the most important and most critical legal issues you and your clients are now facing right now, and provides suggestions on how to approach them. 

It covers the latest governmental regulations and the suggestions that are not quite regulations, but offer the promise of rewards down the line if you comply.

It covers what your clients – and you – should and should not be doing, should or should not be looking at and about which you definitely should be thinking.

Things like:

  • Federal and State Restrictions on Financial Service Companies, including foreclosures and evictions
    • Required actions your clients should have already taken, or be taking
    • Suggested actions that will help consumers and gain your clients benefits and relief down the road from financial regulatory agencies
  • Business Interruption and related Insurance Policy Coverage Issues
    • Is there an insurance interruption solution for your clients?
    • What do you have to examine?
    • Potential loss coverage in your agreements, despite initial refusals
      • First Party
      • Third Party
  • Impact of Covid-19 on Commercial and Residential Real Estate
    • Agreements?
    • Fulfilling regulatory and contractual agreements on construction under way?
  • Contract related issues, including Act of God
    • Force Majure – what it can and cannot do for you
  • Employment and Labor issues
    • All of it
  • Tax Relief stemming from Covid-19
    • What tax relief can you and your clients (as of now – there will probably be more down the road)
  • Health Care issues
    • The Marshall Plan and what it means