Join Buchalter’s Manuel Fishman and Marty Smith of Alhouse Deaton as they discuss “Re-Opening Commercial Buildings: Protecting Building Tenants and Building Landlords.

Employees are increasingly coming back to work and occupying your buildings. In this Covid-19 environment, it is important to keep your buildings safe for tenants and compliant with health directives.

In this webinar find out:

  • What property owners need to do
  • How property owners can protect themselves from liability due to Covid-19
  • What are the responsibilities of the landlord AND the tenant
  • What additional building preparation will be needed to create a safe environment for tenants
  • What your property manager is doing for you

We are committed to adhering to all of the health and safety requirements to keep tenants and landlords safe and in compliance. The rules are evolving. The buildings need to adapt to this environment.