Title and Escrow “Master Class” (DON’T Forfeit Your Escrow / Title Coverage)

Title insurance and Escrow claims only help if they’re paid…many are not.


  • Inappropriate lender instructions
  • “Bite-back” about notary, signing, or closing procedures
  • Title “finger-pointing” to third parties such as originators, escrow holders, and other service providers
  • Disclosure obligations under clauses in title policies
  • Anything else the title company companies can use….

Worse yet, there’s more…….more reasons your claim won’t get paid.

This was described as a “Master Class for Lenders” by the Financial Institutions Committee of the State Bar of California.

Invest 60 minutes and find out:

  • Where the “holes” are in escrow and title, and how not to fall in
  • Simple changes to instructions and procedures that will help
  • How to avoid terrible mistakes that more than 54% of your industry is making