What’s the “one clause” you’re missing? The deficiencies in loan documentation are primarily experienced when there’s a problem. As markets change, the importance of documents and their structuring also changes. Better clauses or wording may greatly improve results, when lenders attempt to collect during difficult markets.

Join our panel of attorneys, practitioners and experts to discuss:

  • The interaction of the note and trust deed
  • Definitions of default / different types of default
  • Default interest rates, late payments, late charges
  • Advances, fees for advances, interest on advances
  • Limitations on rates and terms
  • Loan agreements
  • Lender’s instructions to escrow holders, title insurers
  • Addendums to notes, allowable clauses / non allowable clauses
  • ADR Provisions: Jury Waivers, Aribtration and Judicial Reference

Invest 59 minutes and acquire new knowledge in this important and changing area.

As markets change, the importance of our documentation grows significantly.