Existing Leases After The Pandemic: Considerations For Property Operators

By: Michael Polk

“I bring these considerations up because they impact your business and must be given thorough review. But most importantly, I would urge property operators to consult your legal counsel. According to a Buchalter report, “As more workers begin to return to the workplace, it is expected that there will be an increase in the number of lawsuits related to employee contraction of the virus in the workplace. While the general rule in most states is that the workers’ compensation system provides the exclusive remedy for work-related injuries and illnesses, claimants and their attorneys are eyeing exceptions to the workers’ compensation system in order to maximize their potential recovery.”

Landlords and tenants alike should avail themselves of information about their legal rights and responsibilities. It is imperative that each side of the lease focus on their respective interests and consult with an attorney where applicable.”

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