At Buchalter we believe that, together, we are one.

In 1933, Irwin Buchalter founded the firm based on principles of inclusivity. As the firm grew, its leadership continued to believe that professional and dedicated lawyers who did not fit the traditional mold of the era could nonetheless build a highly successful practice, and that clients from all walks of life were entitled to skilled legal representation. From these early roots, Buchalter has evolved into a firm where skin color, gender, religion, familial status, sexual orientation and ethnicity play no part in the lawyers it hires or the clients it serves. The firm recognizes that the diversity of its lawyers increases our understanding of our diverse client base, and is committed to our culture of inclusion.

At Buchalter, we believe that we have an ethical imperative to encourage and ensure that every individual in the firm is granted the opportunity to excel, regardless of their background or beliefs. The firm provides a platform for all to pursue success and to take pride in providing the highest quality of legal services for our clients. We insist upon parity of opportunity and compensation. All attorneys are evaluated upon their individual merits.

The firm’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee is composed of attorneys from both minority and non-minority groups, junior and senior, male and female. Each member brings exceptional insights about their respective communities. The Committee regularly reviews the firm’s practices to identify and address areas which might benefit from improvement, and creates an action plan to our Board of Directors to implement changes in hiring or other support policies and procedures. The Committee frequently hosts cultural recognition events throughout the year for all lawyers and employees that give us all an opportunity to share, learn, and celebrate both our diversity and our commonality.

We are proud of our diversity efforts and the successful company culture we have created as a result of those efforts.

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Adam Bass

President and Chief Executive Officer


Diversity Awards

     Top 50 Firm For Minority Partners      Top-50-Female-Equity-Partner