Buchalter was ranked in the 2018 Orange County Business Journal’s, “Book of Lists.” Buchalter’s President and Chief Executive Officer Adam J. Bass was featured in the article, “Law Firms Boost Lawyers 2.7%; Employment Flat.”

“Among the most notable increases was a 21% jump in attorneys to 47 at the Irvine of­fice of Los Angeles-based No. 13, Buchal­ter.

‘In the last few years, we’ve hit our stride in terms of becoming a premier full-service business office in Orange County,’ said Adam Bass, chief executive of the 241-attor­ney firm.

‘Folks are attracted to the firm, our culture, and our approach to things makes us a wel­coming place.’

He said the firm’s OC practice is growing in products liability, corporate mergers, de­fense and intellectual property.

Source Orange County Business Journal (subscription required)