Buchalter Nemer is pleased to announce that it has created a new Multi-Level Marketing Industry Group to represent the network marketing industry in connection with pre-dispute counseling and litigation between network marketing companies and regulatory agencies, past and current distributors, and consumers, pertaining to companies’ business practices, policies and procedures, compensation plans, and discipline and distributor oversight programs.  Buchalter Nemer is one of the few full service law firms that has a litigation-focused industry group knowledgeable and experienced in representing multi-level marketing companies, and is the only law firm to have actually gone to trial in the last fifteen years against the Federal Trade Commission in an alleged “pyramid lawsuit.”  Larry Steinberg will serve as the Group’s Chair.

Given today’s environment of heightened attention to legal compliance in network marketing, it is more important than ever for companies to have counsel knowledgeable in the issues of concern to the industry.  Companies of all sizes face the prospect of possible legal actions, including regulatory investigations and lawsuits, private litigation brought by disgruntled distributors and consumers, and class action lawsuits alleging everything from unfair competition to false advertising to racketeering.

Larry Steinberg has handled a wide variety of pre-litigation and litigation business matters, many of which involve disputes pertaining to network marketing and the direct sales industry.   He was lead trial and appellate counsel in Federal Trade Commission v. BurnLounge (9th Cir, 2014).

“Our attorneys in this group have extensive litigation experience which helps us provide practical and effective advice while enjoying a highly-respected reputation in the network marketing industry,” Steinberg said. “I look forward to leading this vital group in the years to come.”