“This article explores a few of the evolving industry standards, customs, and practices percolating throughout the cannabis vapor industry.

Industry standards are generally accepted requirements or business customs followed by members in an industry. From a marketing perspective, adhering to industry standards is critical to demonstrate that your products are mechanically and electronically safe as well as properly-designed (e.g., “xyz certified”). And from a litigation perspective, complying with industry standards or customs is vital to show the jury that your company was not negligent in designing or manufacturing your products. The jury wants to know that your company followed the “rules”—because people like companies that follow rules.

Focusing on the cannabis vapor industry here, while industry standards and customs have not been cemented just yet, as the space is dynamic, best practices and industry standards are slowly developing. With that in mind, here are a few recommendations every Vaporizer Device Manufacturer (“VDM”) should consider when designing and manufacturing their products. (For purposes of this article, VDMs are defined as manufacturers of vaporizer pens, pods, mods, pod-mods, batteries, and vaporizer cartridges, including any component parts.)”\

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