By Damaris Medina

Damaris Medina’s article, “The Sword and the Shield: Best Hiring Practices for Urgent Care Facilities,” was published in the January 2015 issue of  Journal of Urgent Care Medicine.  

From the article…

“Urgent message: It is imperative that urgent care centers utilize the various tools at their disposal to recruit the best candidates, while implementing bet practices that mitigate the potential for lawsuits.

Urgent Care is one the fastest growing segments of American health care. Historically, many urgent care facilities were considered small businesses because they employed fewer that 15 people, making them exempt from certain hiring discrimination claims under The Federal Civil Rights Act of 1964 (usually referred to as Title VII) because compliance with these laws was thought to be burdensome. However, the need for immediate access to medical care has fueled growth, prompting many urgent care centers to outgrow their small businesses, “mom and pop” status. As a result, they must take into account a whole host of factors when making their hiring decisions.”

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