Valerie Bantner Peo will be presenting on “IP Assets Caught in the Bankruptcy Rip Tide” at the Insolvency 2020 Restructuring, Insolvency & Distressed Debt Virtual Summit on September 23, 2020.

Intellectual Property assets present unique challenges in bankruptcy. Article 9 financing statements may or may not be enforceable, and, in some instances, may actually be to your client’s detriment. Can a debtor assume and assign IP rights? Revoke them by rejecting a license? How is a security interest in intellectual property perfected and enforced? How you define the intellectual property assets can greatly impact your client’s rights, and those rights are constantly changing. This panel will cover practical issues and problems, including how to document and value IP assets, to help you spot the issues and navigate your way out of the bankruptcy riptide, whether you represent a secured lender, debtor, or contract counterparty.