In good times – loans are made and usually, they perform well.

In economic decline, they default. That’s when borrower’s counsel carefully  examines  lender’s or loan servicer’s actions from start to present – looking for ways to turn the tables on you.


  • Through actions or various inaction, the “seeds” of future lender liability claims may be planted.
  •  What passes as “normal procedure” may be laying the foundation for borrower’s future case against you.
  • Purported “breaches of contract,”  “alleged negligence,” and other claims may be set up, or may have been set up by others who handled a loan before you.

Join our Webinar and find out:

  • Five preventable areas of liability that lenders and loan servicers (unknowingly) fall into
  • How to better “detect” communications, circumstances, arrangements and actions that are potential “mine fields” for future liability litigation

Methods to potentially “clean up” mistakes, while the loan is still on track.


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