SPEAKERS: John Hosack, Jason Goldstein, Joffrey Long and Rick Rodriguez

Securing loans with multiple parcels of collateral can be critical to ensuring that there’s enough equity to cover the debt – and, can enable you to make some loans you may have been otherwise unable to make.

What if the properties securing the loan are in different counties?  In different states?  Or – different countries?

What if the deeds of trust are in differing priority?  (1st, 2nd, or 3rd?)

These, and many other critical considerations may make the difference in the success of your loan transaction and ultimate collection efforts.

Origination and documentation of these loans must involve careful planning on the “front end,” enabling you to collect, and to avoid numerous problems on the “back end,” or in loan servicing/collection.

Invest 60 minutes.  Join us and learn about:

  • initial structuring of the extension of credit
  • subsequent restructuring of the transaction
  • critical documentation issues that must be considered
  • workout of  the delinquent loan
  • procedures when foreclosing on multiple parcels

Don’t miss this important webinar.