Neil Young’s PonoMusic becomes Kickstarter’s third most successful campaign

Buchalter Nemer client, Neil Young, brought his decade-long vision of releasing a device that revolutionizes the music listening experience one giant step closer to reality this month. Young’s company, PonoMusic, raised $6.2M on its recent Kickstarter campaign-almost eight times the original campaign goal of $800,000-making it the third most successful campaign in Kickstarter’s history.

“We are proud Neil and the other members of the PonoMusic team have produced such extraordinary results,” said Rick Cohen, Buchalter Nemer Shareholder and Young’s long-time attorney. “Many hours of behind-the-scenes work have paved the way for this extraordinary product to get this far.”

PonoMusic will offer an online music store, a portable music player, the “PonoPlayer” and the PonoMusic App for downloading and syncing music to the player.

“Despite early naysayers, music lovers clearly share Neil’s desire for a superior listening experience and are willing to reach into their pockets to make that happen,” Cohen said. “We are proud to be a part of this time in music history.”