Los Angeles, October 1, 2019 – Buchalter is pleased to announce that Ater Wynne, a full-service business law firm based in Portland, Oregon, has merged its practice into Buchalter significantly expanding the Firm’s presence in the Pacific Northwest.  Adding 21 attorneys in Portland brings Buchalter to approximately 300 attorneys in nine locations including Los Angeles, Napa Valley, Orange County, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco, Scottsdale and Seattle. This is the Firm’s second office in the Pacific Northwest following the opening of an office in Seattle less than two years ago.

“We are thrilled to welcome the lawyers and staff of Ater Wynne and officially open our doors in Portland, Oregon,” said Adam Bass, President and Chief Executive Officer of Buchalter.

Shareholders in the Portland office, include:

Todd A. Mitchell, Managing Shareholder of the Portland office
Ernest Bootsma
L. David Connell
Akana K. J. Ma
Michael (Sam) J. Sandmire
Michael W. Shackelford
Gregory E. Struxness
Andrea Bartoloni
Nena Cook
Frank X. Curci
Thomas M. Karnes
Daniel P. Larsen
John C. Ramig

Additional attorneys in Portland, include:

Jonathan Ater (Partner Emeritus)
Claudia K. Powers (Special Counsel)
John M. Schultz (Senior Counsel)
Kirk W. Smith (Senior Counsel)
Alexandra Shulman (Of Counsel)
Robyn Bishop (Associate)
Daniel Lis (Associate)
Amy Opoien (Associate)