DAMA Day 2019 – Let’s Talk Data Democratization and Data Privacy

Panel: The Data Ethics of Emerging Technologies

Presented by Karen Nadler, Karl Gerner, Tonya Gissleberg, David Rice

New technologies have created a surge in the collection, use and volume of data. Artificial Intelligence (AI) enables the processing of enormous quantities of information, allowing it to identify data patterns and make decisions on a scale and pace beyond what humans can do. Internet-connected devices (referred to as the Internet of Things or IoT) collect data about their environment constantly, including where people are and what they are doing. Autonomous Vehicles (AV) use data sets and algorithms to able to travel with less and less human intervention over time. Facial recognition software makes it easier to identify people quickly and automatically.

There are tremendous societal, business and individual benefits to these technologies. But there are also risks and questions.

What are the ethics associated with these technologies? What happens when inputs and algorithms lead AI to create and reinforce data bias? What are the privacy and security concerns associated with IoT and facial recognition? What are the ethical issues associated with AVs that must “decide” how to respond in an emergency? Are data ethics uniform across technologies or are they specific to each one?

What duties do the creators of these technologies owe to the people whose data is collected and used, if any? Will the US answer these questions in the same way as the rest of the world? How is the law shifting to address these concerns?

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