Manuel Fishman moderates a panel on “Tech’s Impact on Property Management, Sustainability, and the Built Space” on May 9, 2018 in San Francisco, CA.


We once thought technology would merely change our lives. In 2019 it is now clear that technology is changing our cities. Not only has rideshare, the once buzzy word in tech and urban planning, been replaced by “floating transport” (referencing Bird, Lime, Jump, et al), but on-demand offerings at our fingertips seem to be multiplying like tribbles.

When these trends are combined with the brilliance behind AI and Machine Learning which have made their way into things such as logistics, transportation, urban planning, and design, one thing is certain: the Urban Tech renaissance has arrived.

Nowhere is this more evident than the Bay Area, the global birthplace of both innovation and venture capital. From startups like SF-based Bumblebee (utilizing robotics and an AI stack) who want to store your bed in your ceiling when you’re awake to industry titan JLL’s PAT and RED platforms, data-driven Urban Tech is not only the future of commercial real estate but the cities the CRE industry helps build.