Richard P. Ormond will be speaking at the REOMAC Annual Meeting, “Emerging Economic Trends Impacting Real Estate”

According to REOMAC’s website:

Reading the Tea Leaves:  Navigating Through Economic Trends Impacting Real Estate

Richard Ormond, Attorney and Shareholder at Buchalter Nemer, will lead a discussion addressing emerging economic and legal trends impacting the economy, finance and real estate.¬† The evening’s presentation will highlight both macro and micro economic trends that point towards an upcoming recession and a volatile economy where some real estate sectors and regions remain safer than others.¬† As unpredictable as the U.S. economy will continue to be, the U.S. will remain a safe haven for foreign investors fleeing a worsening global economy with stagnant growth, joblessness, increased isolationism and the collapse of additional nation-states. Join us as we discuss the “silver linings” and challenges that exist and how navigating through them may prove to not be for the faint of heart.


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