This advanced level webinar is intended for persons who have an understanding of construction lending, but want to improve their skills to deal with some of the most challenging issues which can confront a construction lender. This webinar will provide you with practical methods to plan for and manage some of the more challenging risks of construction lending, including time and cost overruns, construction defects and faulty designs. Ideally, those challenges were anticipated and appropriate provisions were incorporated into the construction loan agreement and the related documents. Hopefully, the borrower(s) and/or the guarantor(s) will have the financial strength to resolve these issues, which can be both costly and time consuming. Unfortunately, the additional financial burdens imposed by these challenges can severely test the resolve and the financial resources of the borrower(s) and/or the guarantor(s). If the borrower(s) and/or the guarantor(s) do not have the resolve or the financial resources to deal with these challenges, it may be necessary for the construction lender to become more involved, while at the same time not abandoning the traditional role of a lender and potentially becoming liable as a mortgagee in possession or for lender liability.

Join us as Buchalter Nemer provides you with some practical “tools” to manage your extraordinary construction loan risks.