September 13, 2016: 12Noon to 1PM

Everyone knows the value of title insurance. Well-written escrow instructions–are they important? Learn how a well-written set of escrow instructions may be materially more valuable than a policy of title insurance–and how escrow instructions can “fill some of the major gaps” contained in a title insurance policy.

Insureds (or those who believe they are an insured) may fail to recognize the reason that title insurance is the only insurance you get without an application for insurance. Title insurers rarely request more than the names of the parties, the dollar amount of the transaction and the street address of the property. You will learn the reason why at this webinar.

Do you want your Deed of Trust to be a first lien or a thirty-first lien on the borrower’s property?  Of course you want a first lien. This webinar will inform you how title insurers will twist lender’s instruction to claim that the lender only wanted to be insured as a first lien and did not care whether its Deed of Trust was recorded as a first lien or as a thirty-first lien. This critical issue alone–and the language every lender must consider adding to its escrow instructions to avoid this “trap for the unwary”–make attending this webinar well-worth your time.

This webinar will also provide you with critical information to avoid the situation which happened to a lender which disbursed $61,000,000.00 and only recouped $150,000.00 because the lender did not have adequate escrow instructions and title insurance coverage.

If you buy, sell or lend on the security of real property you must attend this Webinar on Escrow Instructions and Title Insurance: Five Critical Issues And Three Traps To Avoid.